A Memorable Rush!

I have always been an adrenaline junkie and since I had done anything worthwhile to pump up the adrenaline in me, I read the notification about a blogger meet organized by IndiBlogger in collaboration with Vodafone and the deal was the Vodafone Speed Fest with Lewis Hamilton on 16th September. (Please pardon the delay!). I narrowly missed the Indian Grand Prix in Noida last year and was determined that I would not miss the Vodafone Speed Fest at any cost. I had watched Formula One races on TV and this was my first real chance to witness the event live. The thought of seeing Lewis Hamilton gave me a head rush and I had to get my heart to pump harder. 

Incidentally, it was only after the Vodafone Speed Fest that I actually found my appetite for F1 racing increasing. I had seen F1 races on TV before but I didn't know how fast these cars were meant to be. So, a 500 metre road was cordoned off for the Speed Fest and Lewis Hamilton literally burnt rubber on the roads with his car at 220 kmph. One of my former editors had told me that F1 cars were capable of hitting 370 kmph and I was just awed by the speed. Without wasting much time, here are the self-explanatory pics from the Vodafone Speed Fest:

Lewis Hamilton in conversation

That's me seated on a Vodafone McLaren car :) 

The invite for the Vodafone Speed Fest signed by the CEO of Vodafone India

Ah, empty Bombay roads!
How I wish Bombay roads were like this daily!

Indian performers with the Vodafone Speed Van

Anchors for the evening Mandira Bedi and Manish Paul in the Vodafone Speed Van

Framed Lewis Hamilton though at a distance!

A closer look at Lewis Hamilton driving his McLaren MP27 car.


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