A Christmas(y) Tale

So, it's finally Christmas! To begin with, it takes me with great wonder on how I used to buy this idea of Santa Claus as a child. Sure, our popular fiction and childhood stories surrounding near the tale of Christmas always fed us with the idea of having a fat man with a snow white beard who lived in somewhere in the Arctic Circle. Yes, it is Christmas time and I once again find myself writing about Santa. 

This year, I followed Santa's journey from the Arctic Circle to respective homes of children using Google Maps. I still love visiting departmental stores and shopping malls around this time just to feel the Yuletide spirit. I have always wondered and still wonder on how each Santa looks different from the previous one I saw before. Despite my rants about his existence, here is a wishlist that Santa would gift me in the new year:

* A Longer Attention Span: This is one of the most common topics that all journalists and writers keep talking about how the Internet can pose as a major distraction. So, this year, the top activity in my priority list is a longer attention span with a significant increase in my reading abilities without getting distracted. There have been instances where I have been a racy thriller and I have stopped reading in the middle and somehow find myself on Google doing "research". 

* World Peace: At a glance, it does sound silly. Yet, this is something that I have been praying. It's been a long time since my parents inculcated that it's selfish to pray for oneself and think of the less fortunate while praying. Hence, I once again find myself praying for world peace. 

* Security: The past few days have been extremely tragic. In the coming year, I hope Santa can gift us a peaceful and secure country where a woman can walk on the roads without having to be blamed for her clothes.   


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