Cultural Slavery

A nation's ruler depends on the ambitions, aspirations and faith of individuals of a country. Rulers too are bound by the decisions that individuals of a country take. The future and progress of a nation are determined by the dreams few visionaries dare to dream. If the government is incapable of protecting the nation, then it is up to teachers to rise and awaken the nation. We must give up self-interest, pride and petty quarrels for the nation.

If we do not rise above our quarrels and pride, cultural slavery will slowly overtake our society. A nation is not defeated until it can safeguard its culture and values. Can the nation be torn into pieces in the name of caste and religion be able to safeguard its culture from invaders? If conquerors wish to spread their roots here, then they will have to attack our culture that binds our people and they will, if we are not careful. If we let go our cultural heritage, then our downfall is certain. Experience teaches us that defeated nations, minds, kingdoms often accept the culture and values of the victors. Hence, if the nation isn't awakened from its stupor soon, if this nation isn't united, then breaking away from bondage will be very difficult.

Education leads the path towards salvation. If education cannot do it, then it is useless. Will the people of India who seek emancipation from life and death accept the bondage imposed by a corrupt government? This nation must be freed from a corrupt Government and in that alone, lies India's freedom. 

Awaken this sleeping society. Bring up its latent strength! Awaken the courage that is inherent in every individual of this nation. It will demand sacrifice of our self-interest. A vision for a developed India and freedom from a corrupt government is our aim. Sacrificing of personal goals is only the means, not the goal. Do not let your vote go waste. Light the flame and vision of a developed India in every village, every city and every province. A corrupt government has to be sacrificed in this flame of freedom. Make a firm decision that the lamp of freedom must burn in every heart. Only then, can a corrupt government be vanquished. 

P.S.: This is an inspiring monologue by Chanakya, the Indian philosopher and the royal advisor to Prince Chandragupta, the founder of the Maurya dynasty in 326 BCE. This dialogue refers to the dangers of India accepting cultural slavery if it is not able to safeguard itself from its culture and values. 


Richa Singh said…
Interesting dialogue. of course very true. But then having said that what chanakya never kept in mind was corruption or adulteration of the culture internally in absence of any outside effect. Which is quite rampant in all societies, what would you suggest for that then?


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