The Role of Teachers in Society

The teachers and the assembly will be glorified when the nation is glorified. The nation will be glorified when it is competent and successful in upholding its ancient values and traditions. The nation will be competent and successful when the teachers are successful in fulfilling their responsibility. A teacher will be called successful when s/he is successful in developing national character in every individual. If a person is devoid of nationalism or is unaware of his/her nationalism, then it is the teacher's failure. 

Our experience is witness that an absence of national character is what has resulted in the nation's glory being insulted. We lost due to lack of knowledge before we could lose to bad governance. We could not make our educators aware of our nationalism and our nationalism was shattered before our own eyes. Teachers failed to arouse nationalism and increase the competence of this nation. If a teacher accepts defeat, it will be fatal for the nation. So, the chant of India's spiritual legacy must be heard together. 

It is imperative to make the people and government realise that if people lose faith in their devotion to the nation, then other spheres of human life will not be strife-free either. Thus, uniting people to society and society to the nation is essential. Very soon, we will have to bind people in a thread and that thread can only be the thread of nationalism. Teachers must accept this challenge and help in rebuilding the nation soon. It is possible that there will be obstacles but a teacher must conquer that. S/he must not hesitate to exercise his/her mandate during elections. 

I agree that the strength of a teacher lies in the scriptures but if bad governance are blocking the way and if the nation's enemies know only one language of bad governance, then teachers too must show their strength and dissent through elections. Else, a powerless teacher will not be able to protect his/her scriptures too. To unite the nation, the teacher may have to clash with the rulers but remember that the nation is ultimately far more important than the aspirations of the rulers. Hence, if political powers need to be sacrificed in national interest then too teachers must not hesitate. 

History is witness to that politics of power and selfishness has always harmed the nation and now we only have to think about the welfare of the nation. If the government is willing to help, it is fine. Else, teachers must remember the fame and virtues of their ancestors and fulfill their responsibility and success is certain. The success of the civilisation originating from the seven rivers is certain. It is certain that ancient values of this nation will triumph. Triumph of this nation is certain. All that is needed is a call for unity. 

P.S.: This is an inspiring monologue by Chanakya, an Indian philosopher and the royal advisor to Prince Chandragupta, the founder of the Maurya dynasty. This dialogue refers to a time roughly around 326 BCE before the Greek prince Alexander attacked India.


Richa Singh said…
Interesting piece. Of course what makes chanakya a great read is his relevance in all times. And this particular write-up does that again...

bobbybegood1 said…
I am a staunch proponent of Character Education. That is one reason for the failure of great nations. When people have respect, strive for excellenc, integrity, compassion, caring and citizenship, then nations become great. If you want to know how good a nation is look at its citizens. Great post! Cheers!!

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